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£23 + VAT
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If you own a property which you don’t live at and is rented out (whether on an assured, assured shorthold or regulated tenancy) you’ll need to register with Rent Smart Wales

Landlord Training Wales houses

The new law recognises that those who own rented properties may be different from those that deal with tenants. Anyone who undertakes any of the following activities, also needs a Rent Smart Wales Licence.

Landlord Letting Activities:

  • arranging or conducting viewings with prospective tenants;
  • gathering evidence for the purpose of establishing the suitability of prospective tenants (for example, by confirming character references, undertaking credit checks or
    interviewing a prospective tenant);
  • preparing, or arranging the preparation, of a tenancy agreement;
  • preparing, or arranging the preparation, of an inventory for the dwelling or schedule of condition for the dwelling.


shutterstock_15728182Landlord Property Management Activities:
  • collecting rent;
  • being the principal point of contact for the tenant in relation to matters arising under the tenancy;
  • making arrangements with a person to carry out repairs or maintenance;
  • making arrangements with a tenant or occupier of the dwelling to secure access to the dwelling for any purpose;
  • checking the contents or condition of the dwelling, or arranging for them to be checked as part of a current tenancy or for one which has ended;
  • serving notice to terminate a tenancy.


If you find it easier to learn online, from the comfort of your own home at a time that suites you, then this is for you.


Our Rent Smart Wales Approved online course consists of 5 online modules, at a total cost of £19 + vat. As soon as you complete the learning and pass a short test, you’ll receive your Rent Smart Wales certification electronically by email within 72 hours. This is the certificate you need before a licence will be issued by Rent Smart Wales.


N.B It’s strongly recommended that both landlords and agents complete the Letting Agents online course. This is because you can obtain a letting agent licence as in individual for exactly the same Rent Smart Wales licence fee, and in exactly the same way, as the Landlord licence. The agent licence, however, will always allow you to manage property on behalf of others (family or relatives, friends, commercially etc). Effectively it’s a two-for-one licence, giving you now or in future, the option to manage property not directly registered In your name at no extra cost.